heidi r.c.n.w (aka reel aesthete)

I'm an artist and creative director with a focus on brand development and social media. After several years in Chicago and Europe, I'm currently based out of Denver, CO. I like growing orchids.

My video work has been part of shows this year in Las Vegas, NV, Lexington, KY, Berlin, DE, and The Art and Documentation Festival in Lodz, Poland.  My work is forthcoming in print as part of Video on Paper v. 1, edited by Karen Chan. I've also begun working on interactive, inflatable mylar installations, the first of which was installed during the Apogaea Arts Festival in June 2012. Ephemera from that installation will be present in an upcoming exhibition at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) in Denver, CO until September, 2012.

I can be contacted at reelaesthete [at] gmail [dot] com.

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